Thailand has become the first country in Asia to legalize cannabis, which is expected to drive the demand for plant grow lighting system

According to on June 9 local time, Thailand officially declared the cultivation and smoking of cannabis legal. Since then, Thailand has become the first country in Asia to legalize cannabis.

According to the reports of BBC, CNN and other foreign media, the legalization of marijuana came into force on June 9. Therefore, it is no longer a crime to grow and trade cannabis in Thailand, and coffee shops and restaurants can provide diet injected with cannabis on the premise that the content of tetrahydrocannabinol in the product is less than 0.2%.

Thai health minister Anutin said during the interview that legal cannabis production is expected to promote economic development. But he warned that marijuana should still not be used for recreational purposes, or it will be punished. According to the public health law, people who smoke marijuana in public places still face the punishment of 25000 baht (about 780 US dollars) and up to three months’ imprisonment.

Anutin said: “as far as I know, Thailand is one of the best places to grow cannabis plants. We have always stressed that the legalization of cannabis is mainly for medical purposes. If tourists come to Thailand to buy cannabis products for medical treatment, there is no problem. However, if tourists think that they can freely smoke cannabis in Thailand, this concept is wrong, and Thailand does not welcome such tourists.”

Anutin expressed the hope that Thailand’s cannabis industry could promote agriculture to generate billions of dollars in income. It can be predicted that with the legalization of cannabis cultivation in Thailand, the demand for grow lights will gradually increase, and the development of plant grow lights system market will usher in a new round.

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