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Dmxgrow Technology

Dmxgrow Technology Co.,Ltd foucus on LED Grow Light for indoor plants cultivation,Red Therapy Light & LED Therapy Light For Health Care. Started developing into a high-tech company combining Sales. R&D and Manufacturing

Our Main product is LED grow light, Grow light, Horticulture light, Grow light led and LED light bar series, Red Light Therapy & Led Light Therapy Panels. All are popular in the North America and European market.

OEM/ODM Service

Dmxgrow Technology with well-experienced R&D team that could help to build customers own LED Grow Lights,Horticulture grow lights,Indoor grow lights ,Led Quantum board Series. According to customers requests for indoor farming,Vertical farming, commercial indoor cannabis growing ,greenhouse etc. Also Red Therapy Light & LED Light Therapy for Customers different application requests like Spa,Gym,(Fitness Center), Beauty Salon,Wellness Center, Clinic and home. Customized service ,Quality assurance, Competitive price, Fast delivery, Professtion team and Best After-sales service are our key important.

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Cooperated with top brand like Samsung and Meanwell to Keep high quality for LED Grow Light, Professional team for production,delivery and customization service for Red Light Therapy .

High Quality & Strong Team

With more than 5 years of experience for LED Grow Light,LED Grow Light Bars ,Cannabis grow lights and Red Therapy Light with certificates ,Strong engineers team with strong technicals support to all customers,

Customize Design Service

With well-experienced R&D team for LED Grow Light customized serivce.OEM/ODM to create your own brand,customzied panel size/color/logo /wavelength red therapy light according to customers requets. Wholesale distrubition.dropshipping and small order samples to be welcomed.

How Does LED Grow Light Works?

Light emitting diode (LED) is a kind of electrical equipment, which can emit a series of energy-saving light that can stimulate plant growth. The LED grow light works well when planting plants indoors. They are useful for indoor greenhouses because they provide the light needed by indoor plants because indoor plants cannot naturally obtain light from sunlight

LED grow light is an artificial light simulating sunlight, and the light helps plants to carry out photosynthesis. The spectrum of light they emit may be similar to the sun’s or have certain light spectrums that may stimulate plants at different stages of growth. The light source is composed of white LED, blue LED and red LED. For different plants, the proportion of red light and blue light most suitable for their growth is different. We can adjust the ratio of red and blue light through LED grow lights. Plants need different light hours at different growth stages. We control the time by switching LED grow lights.

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Rejuvenate Your Body With Clinically Proven Red Light Theray Wellness And Health Benefits

Red Light use for skin treatment,stimulate the production of collagen and fibroblasts, Infrared light improves the blood flow & circulation of the target area,Non-medicinal and non-invasive pain relief,designed to provide heat to the body,encouraging muscles and damaged tissue recoivery faster.

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