Future development prospect of plant grow lighting system

Recently, according to the progress of the US industrial cannabis construction project, it is expected that the project will reach formal mass production before June 30, 2022. In fact, not only industrial marijuana, but also plant grow lighting system began to regenerate.

As we all know, traditional agriculture mainly relies on sunlight, which makes plant growth vulnerable to the natural environment. However, plants produced by plant grow lighting are not limited to the natural environment, and can achieve the output of high-quality crops by accepting optimized light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and culture medium composition.

Plant lighting refers to the use of LED plant grow lighting to promote plant growth. Led plant grow light weakens the restriction of natural light environment on agricultural production activities. Efficient plant grow light control methods can promote plant growth and development, achieve the purpose of increasing production, high efficiency, high quality, disease resistance and pollution-free, and enhance agricultural output capacity.

At present, the application fields of plant lighting lamps mainly include greenhouse lighting, all artificial light plant factory, plant tissue culture, field lighting, household vegetable and flower planting, etc.

According to yangqichang, chief scientist of the intelligent plant factory of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, lettuce generally takes 70 days to grow, and the plant factory only takes 21-25 days. The planting time is one third of that of nature. The plant factory can be built more than ten floors, and the production capacity of the same land area is more than 40-100 times that of the open land.

According to canopy growth, the global industrial cannabis market has a scale of more than 300billion US dollars. In 2020, the legal cannabis market in the United States will have a space of nearly 18billion US dollars (the largest market in the world), with a year-on-year growth rate of at least 50%. It is expected that the compound growth rate will be maintained at about 20% in the next 10 years, and the market space is expected to reach 100 billion US dollars by 2030. At present, indoor cultivation is the mainstream of cannabis cultivation in the United States, which is driving the demand for plant lighting. As the light source of plant lighting lamps, compared with traditional light sources, LED grow light has many advantages, such as high photoelectric conversion efficiency, easy spectrum regulation and combination, small volume, long service life, low energy consumption, etc. with the cost reduction, LED grow light has gradually become the mainstream light source of plant grow lighting system.

It is estimated that the global demand for LED grow lamps for plant lighting will reach US $3.2 billion in 2021 and US $7billion in 2026. In 2017, the global plant grow lighting system level market was only about US $3.8 billion; In 2027, it will rapidly increase to US $17billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 16%; The LED grow light device level market was only US $billion in 2017 and will be expanded to US $700million in 2027; The compound annual growth rate reached 21%.

In addition, with the improvement of LED lighting efficiency, the continuous decline of cost, and the domestic and local policy support for digital and modern agriculture, the future led plant lighting scheme will play an important role in solving the impact of limited land resources and unstable climate on agriculture and harvest stability, with huge development space.

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