Top Reasons for explosive growth of LED grow lighting system

In recent years, the world population has increased rapidly, especially the metropolitan area has attracted more and more residents. In such places where the cultivated land area is limited but the distribution must be timely, plant grow lighting has significant advantages. Advanced LED grow lighting technology can create a specific lighting environment and provide an ideal light source that can promote the growth of plants, or cultivate plants with some characteristics.

With the development of LED technology, its application field has been broadened, and plant grow lighting is a field in continuous development. Led plant grow lighting has many advantages, for example, it can improve Crop growth rate, energy saving up to 75%, water saving up to 90%.

In addition, under the global climate change, market demands such as refined crop planting, food storage and preservation, and food safety are driving the development prospect of the plant and horticultural lighting market.

Foreign experts have observed that the scale of plant grow lighting is expanding, and even feels like an “explosive” growth. One driving factor is the “gold rush” mentality of participants entering the legal cannabis cultivation industry. In the long run, we hope to grow more tomatoes and vegetables under LED lighting than marijuana, but in the short term, the attraction of marijuana is becoming more and more obvious.

In addition, according to the data of research and adjustment structure, the global cannabis market may grow by 22% every year in the next five years; By 2022, the total value of the global cannabis market may reach US $23billion, of which the United States holds the largest market and has a significant growth trend. At present, led plant lighting still has a large space for development.

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